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  Real estate is one of the fastest growing investment sectors in India owing to mass structural developments witnessed by the country over the last decade. The massive growth of IT and Infrastructure sectors and the large scale increase in migration of people to urban areas has multiplied the need for better housing and commercial facilities. Experts and consultants feel that the Indian real estate sector holds immense potential for growth for the next 20 years.

Galton Realty is a refreshingly agile real estate firm with expertise and experience. Our primary focus is joint development projects for builders. We're able to move quickly on opportunities throughout Hyderabad. Galton has proven itself to be a premier resource for buyers and sellers both in the Hyderabad and abroad. Our clients require discreet, effective representation, and that's what they get at Galton.

Galton has been providing professional real estate services for over two decades. Our services include Land Acquisition, Joint Development projects for builders, Property Consultancy, Property Management, Marketing, Asset Investment Advisory and Asset Management. We have been providing user-friendly solutions in all aspects of Real Estate. With properties in prime locations, we have always offered affordable and excellent investment opportunities for our clients. With a vision to perform to a set of standards so high, we are steadily steering ahead. helping make “right decision at the right time” has given our clients an edge in the market.

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